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Our Work

We pride ourselves on delivering the best cleans to each and every client that we serve. In our gallery of work we showcase pictures that prove we take this seriously. Our gallery will always expand as we continue to serve the Tulsa Metro area.

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One of our specialties is getting the glass in your home (shower, mirrors, windows, etc.) to be completely see through and spotless. Glass can be one of the biggest areas of build up in a home or business and can be hard to clean. Let us take it from here!


Sinks are a high traffic area no matter the space. Whether it is in the kitchen, bathrooms, or laundry rooms there is no doubt that a lot of build up can occur over time. 

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Bathrooms tend to be the most noticeable area of difference when we leave your home or business. We take our bathrooms seriously and ensure that by the time we are out the door your bathroom has been made brand new!


The last thing that we do in all of our cleans is deep mop the floors. We use eco-friendly products that are safe to use no matter the surface that leave your floors cleaned, sanitized, and looking glossy!

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